2020 Haudenosaunee Art Show, images depict 2019 artist submissions

2019 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show


2019 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show Results

Best in Show: “Tiffany” by Luanne Redeye (Seneca – Hawk Clan) – Oil on panel painting

1st place Traditional Arts: “Fingerweaving” by Marilyn Isaacs (Tuscarora - Bear Clan)

2nd place Traditional Arts: “Old School Kicks” by Samantha Jacobs (Seneca - Turtle Clan)

3rd place Traditional Arts: “50 Chiefs + 9 Clans” (silver brooch) by Dan Hill (Cayuga – Heron Clan)

Honorable Mention Traditional Arts:  “Little Brother of War” (Lacrosse Stick) by Richard Kettle (Seneca – Heron Clan)

1st place Beadwork: “That One Time in Tahiti” (Beaded Vase) by Samantha Jacobs (Seneca – Turtle Clan)

2nd place Beadwork: “June Bride” (Ring Bearer Pillow) by Mary Clause (Mohawk – Bear Clan)

3rd place Beadwork: “Strawberry Crown” (Beaded Crown) by Dakota Brant (Mohawk – Turtle Clan)

Honorable Mention Beadwork: “Classic Purse” (Beaded purse) by Mary Jacobs (Seneca - Turtle Clan)

1st place Basketry: “Sunflower” by Ann Mitchell (Mohawk – Bear Clan)

2nd place Basketry: “Natural World” by Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga -Eel Clan) and Stone Horse Goeman

3rd place Basketry: “Grandmother Moon” by Brooke Vandewaller (Onondaga – Eel Clan)

Honorable Mention Basketry: “Walking with our Sisters” by Robin Lazore (Mohawk – Snipe Clan)

1st place Fine Art Sculpture: “Pope and the Innocents” by Peter Jones (Onondaga – Beaver Clan)

2nd place Fine Art Sculpture: “Creation Story” by Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga -Eel Clan) and Stone Horse Goeman

3rd place Fine Art Sculpture: “Broken but Beautiful” by Carrie Hill (Mohawk) & Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk – Turtle Clan)

Honorable Mention Fine Art Sculpture: “Basket Belly” by Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk – Turtle Clan)

1st place Fine Art 2D: “Onondowaga Hitchhiker”by Linley Logan (Onondowaga, Ayenyogwai:yo’)

2nd place Fine Art 2D: “Wampum Twist” by Brandon Lazore (Onondaga – Snipe Clan)

3rd place Fine Art 2D: “Pow-wow Dancer” by Marjorie Skidder (Mohawk – Bear Clan)

Honorable Mention Fine Art 2D: “Elements” by Jennifer Dalimonte (Tuscarora – Beaver Clan)

Our 2019 show featured $14,500 in prizes


This show was made possible by the generous support of Thaw Charitable Trust.