The Creation story is the foundational narrative in understanding the Haudenosaunee worldview.

This one-day event will bring together many perspectives and disciplines to discuss how we can engage all of the art, research, language, and powerful intellectual intersections of the World that Rests on the Back of the Great Turtle.

Much work has already been accomplished in the area of Creation. As examples:In 2015, Rick Hill and Deyohaha:geh (Indigenous Knowledge Centre) at Six Nations Polytechnic Institute hosted Conversations in Cultural Fluency #1 on Haudenosaunee Creation. In 2017, Kevin White worked while on a Fulbright Research Fellowship to Six Nations Community on the Grand River delved deeper into Haudenosaunee Creation. Dr. Kahente Horn-Miller has continually explored Skywoman in her performance and work on Creation. Dr. Amber Meadow Adams has contemplated how Skywoman’s narrative parallels recovery from an ecological disaster throughout the narrative that corresponds with recovery from grief as well.

Conversations have been growing louder all over the communities of the Haudenosaunee today. This is an attempt to build upon those conversations that began in 2015, and have reverberated in research, in discussions, and among communities.

Confirmed speakers include: Michael Galban, Jaimie Jacobs, Peter Jemison, Louise Herne, and Kevin White. More details to come.

We hope you’ll join us at this event!

Pre-registration is required. $45 for admission and lunch.

Admission price includes the forum, Iroquois White Corn Project catered lunch, and entry into the Seneca Art & Culture Center Gallery and Bark Longhouse.

For questions please call: (585)924-5848 or email