Volunteering at Ganondagan

Ganondagan is a place of community and could not exist without its volunteers. Throughout the year, hundreds of people generously give of their time and talent in many enriching ways. By volunteering at Ganondagan, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about Haudenosaunee history, culture, and crafts, including living in a longhouse and traditional gardening techniques. 

Volunteering can be a way to gain experience and to help build a resume, offering a chance to use existing skills and develop new ones. We welcome your time and talents. Below are some of the areas in which we could use assistance. Please feel free to contact us if you have another talent you would like to volunteer.

Contact us at or call us at 585-742-1690.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Festivals & Events
  • Trail Guides
  • Invasive Species Cleanup
  • Gardening
  • Gift Shop
  • Iroquois White Corn Project
  • Marketing
  • Office and Administration
  • Serve on a Committee
  • Service Projects and Internships

Festivals & Events

Volunteer to assist at one of our Festivals or Events. This is one of the most popular ways to volunteer at Ganondagan. We need volunteers for our large events like the Native American Dance & Music Festival as well as smaller events and programs. We need people to help at admissions, driving shuttle carts, manning information, membership, and merchandise booths, setup, take down, cooking, and more.

Trail Guides

Being a trail guide is a wonderful way to share the history of the site and of the Seneca people with visitors. Trail guides will lead visitors on guided trail walks. Training and instruction provided.

Invasive Species Cleanup

If you care about the health of our Mother Earth and the health of native flora and fauna, please help in our invasive plants cleanup effort at Ganondagan. 

Invasive species control for Pale Swallow-Wort  is a great project for individuals or families. The Ganondagan State Historic Site is becoming overrun with Invasive Species, mainly Pale Swallow-Wort. Without volunteers, the efforts we can afford to put toward removing invasive species will not be enough. Please help us remove invasive species and restore diverse, native plant communities to the site.


The site features two themed gardens - The Three Sisters Garden and the Creator's Garden. The Three Sisters Garden is a demonstration vegetable garden featuring heirloom Native varieties of corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers and traditional gardening and farming techniques for the modern-age.

The Creator's Garden is a medicine wheel garden located next to the Bark Longhouse and it features medicinal herb plants. Both gardens require planting and maintenance such as weeding throughout the growing season. Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone wanting to learn from experienced gardeners, we are happy to have you help!


The Ganondagan Gift shop is always looking for individuals who are interested in helping to staff our new and exciting gift shop. For more information contact us at or at (585) 742-1690.


Assist with social media posts, distributing flyers, updating on-line calendars, and more. As with all our volunteer opportunities, experience is greatly appreciated but not required.

Office and Administration

Just as in the running of any business or organization there are many office and administration tasks to be done. Some of these tasks are completed in the Friends of Ganondagan offices and some of the work can be picked up to work on in the comfort of your own home. 

Serve on a Committee

We have a variety of committees and it is through our committees that the planning for the events and the future really take place. This is a way to get more deeply involved!

Some of our committees include:​

  • Programming and Partnerships
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Volunteer
  • Membership
  • Fundraising/Development

Service Projects and Internships

If your educational program requires a service project or an internship, please contact us. Your skills and our needs may be a perfect match!